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New Focus Magazine reviews many commercial biomass boiler installations in Europe

Schmid's FOCUS Magazine 2021

Froling Energy is proud of our affiliation with Schmid AG of Switzerland. Their emphasis on Innovation and Quality are two of the main reasons for that pride.  We know we can rely on Schmid to provide the best possible boiler for any situation, no matter what application or size. Click here to download the latest  FOCUS Magazine 2021 Edition In this issue you will read about a wide range of boiler systems including in district heating, a lumber mill/kiln operation, an innovative residence and much more.  We encourage you to take a few moments to scan through this new FOCUS. …

All Webinars were Recorded and Available on YouTube

If you missed our live Webinars in 2020 but are interested in the many topics that we have covered, go to our YouTube channel where you can watch them all!   Click on this LINK   We have Webinars on The Role of Forest Biomass in Addressing Climate Change, Biomass Boiler Systems in Schools, Biomass Sustainability, Biomass Air Emissions, and so much more.

New Fall Biomass Webcast Schedule

We are excited to be able to offer a new fall series on biomass boiler technology and innovation.  These are aimed at engineers and other design professionals as well as facilities managers and sustainability executives but they are also open to the public at no charge. View our schedule of future Webcasts In these webinars you can dig more deeply into the science and technologies that Froling Energy employs in our installations of high-efficiency biomass boiler systems. We are looking forward to the first session on October 22 with Dr. Robert Malmsheimer, “The Role of Forest Biomass in Addressing Climate…

Watch our Biomass Webcast Recordings

biomass webinars in july 2020

We are excited to be able to offer informative webinars that are free and open to the public. In these webinars you can dig more deeply into a variety of topics surrounding the biomass fuels and technologies that Froling Energy employs in our high-efficiency biomass boiler systems. We will show you active customer boiler installations and describe all the innovations that we are employing. The webinars also enable us to fully explain the science behind our belief that Biomass is a truly ethical and viable heating fuel for Northern New England, especially in this era of climate change! NOTICE:  Our…

Biomass: A Key Tool in the Fight for Climate Change

At this point it is beyond doubt, Climate Change is one of the most important problems humans will face in this century. The main goal of the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement is to keep global temperature rise below 2º Celsius, mainly by significantly reducing the amount of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere.  Everybody has ideas about how to reduce carbon emissions and most focus on switching from fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal towards clean sources of energy. But while you constantly hear about wind, solar and geothermal, and sometimes and nuclear, one solution that is quite…

Thermal RECs Explained: Added Value for Heating with Biomass

The positive financial impact of Thermal RECs is making biomass a preferred form of renewable energy in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for heating schools, commercial and industrial facilities, campuses, and hospitals. And Maine will have them soon. What Is a REC? A REC is a Renewable Energy Certificate. State laws, generally known as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), require electric utilities to generate a specified fraction of their total output from renewable energy sources. At this time, 29 states and the District of Columbia have RPS laws. Requirements vary from state to state but most states divide their RPS into different…

How can a Dual Fuel Boiler System Benefit Your Building?

Hospitals, schools, factories, retirement homes, and other large buildings nearly always have redundant boilers—each fully capable of providing all heat needed during the coldest of winter days.  That engineered redundancy is a sensible and reliable way to make sure the chill of New England winters stays outside where it belongs. Facilities with redundant boilers typically burn just one fuel: natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. In most rural areas there are just two choices: oil or propane. Some smart facilities managers have set up their boilers to burn two different fuels. In such cases, the purchasing department can watch the…

5 Important Reasons that Biomass Fuel is Better than Oil

green wood chips with a K-cup shown for size comparison

The oldest and best-known use of biomass fuel dates back to the bonfires our early ancestors used to keep warm. Today, burning wood pellets, dried wood chips and green wood chips has become an established alternative to using coal, oil and other non-renewable petroleum products for heating throughout much of the world. Here we’ll take a look at a few of the many benefits of biomass fuel. According to the Department of Energy, “Biomass is any organic material that has stored sunlight in the form of chemical energy, such as plants, agricultural crops or residues, municipal wastes, and algae.” 1….

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