Governor Maggie Hassan checks out Froling Energy at NH Energy Summit

Froling Energy Staff with Governor Maggie Hassan at the NH Energy Summit in Concord, September 29, 2014.

The Froling Energy team had a very interesting morning at the NH Energy Summit listening to speakers with a variety of backgrounds in energy—from propane and natural gas to wind power and electric companies. Governor Maggie Hassan was most eloquent in her support for all fuels, especially those that originate here in New Hampshire. We were very happy that she came by our table to see what Froling Energy has been up to.

I was lucky to have NH House Rep David Borden sit next to me. He is co-author for the 10 Year Energy Strategy for New Hampshire which looks to be a well conceived document that includes all fuels.

It looks like Biomass will have a seat at the table—although we must realize that it has a much smaller piece of the energy pie, even though it is growing rapidly.

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