Mark Froling Visits Schmid Headquarters in Switzerland

Mark Froling recently flew to Eschlikon, Switzerland to tour the Schmid Energy Solutions boiler factory headquarters as well as many of their biomass boiler system installations.

Schmid is a 75-year-old family business based in Switzerland that is focused on producing biomass boiler systems. With a line that includes some of the most efficient and clean burning industrial, commercial, and residential scale biomass boilers and material handling systems, Schmid has evolved to become one of the leading companies in the worldwide biomass boiler industry. They also have a line of cogeneration systems which produce both heat and electricity using wood chips for fuel.

Schmid Headquarters in Eschlikon, Switzerland

Mark was impressed with all that he saw. “Europe has a much more advanced biomass heating market than the United States. It is not uncommon to find communities that have a central biomass heating plant that pumps hot water through buried pipes for miles to heat hundreds of buildings. Their large biomass boilers are much more efficient than any that are currently produced in the US.”

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