New Fall Biomass Webcast Schedule

We are excited to be able to offer a new fall series on biomass boiler technology and innovation.  These are aimed at engineers and other design professionals as well as facilities managers and sustainability executives but they are also open to the public at no charge.

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In these webinars you can dig more deeply into the science and technologies that Froling Energy employs in our installations of high-efficiency biomass boiler systems.

We are looking forward to the first session on October 22 with Dr. Robert Malmsheimer, “The Role of Forest Biomass in Addressing Climate Change”.  Using peer reviewed science, Bob will fully explain his view of why forest biomass is a viable, sustainable fuel for our region.  On a gut level, the thought of cutting down trees seems like a bad idea.  But when the science of forest management is applied to our northern New England forests, replacing fossil fuels with forest derived wood fuels has a higher impact on carbon mitigation than leaving the forests untouched.

Of course Froling Energy is not aiming to heat Boston or Nashua with wood but we do see a tremendous potential to reduce fossil fuel use within the rural Northern Forest region of the Northeast.

The next three webinars dig into some popular and readily available high efficiency wood pellet and wood chip boilers made by three different manufacturers. These European boiler designs are quite advanced and very clean burning, so we have asked representatives from each company to tell all about them.

Finally, we wanted to show the different kinds of biomass boiler projects that are fairly common in Europe as examples for what we might be able to accomplish here in the Northeast.  So in the fifth and final session on November 19th, a product specialist from Swiss boiler maker Schmid will describe how a food processing company has converted to wood chips for heat and process steam.

All of these sessions will be recorded and posted here:  Recorded Webinars

All Webinars were Recorded and Available on YouTube
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