exterior shot of wood chip belt dryer and boiler house

Open House Celebrates PDC Manufacturing Facility

exterior shot of wood chip belt dryer and boiler house

The new million dollar wood chip belt dryer and boiler house.

Froling Energy held an open house on March 10 to celebrate our upgraded Precision Dry Wood Chips (PDCs) manufacturing capabilities at our Peterborough plant.

Twenty four people toured the production facility to see the new advanced process that we’ve created—the results of a recent million dollar upgrade which includes an impressive 3.2 million BTU biomass boiler and a high tech belt dryer. The upgrade significantly improves system reliability, quality control, and potential PDC output so we can easily manufacture thousands of tons of PDCs per year. $300,000 of the upgrade was provided as a grant from the NHPUC.

PDCs are a new type of commercial biomass fuel that has made biomass heating more economical. PDCs cost the same as fuel oil at 80 cents a gallon—about 35% less than wood pellets. PDC boiler systems cost much less than green wood chip systems in part because PDCs can be blown into a silo.

During the winter of 2016/17, three Froling Energy clients burned PDCs instead of over 200,000 total gallons of fuel oil. They include Whelen Engineering, Stevens High School, and High Mowing School. Over 100 other Froling customers burned wood pellets instead of over 1 million gallons of oil.

These are significant changes that Froling Energy is proud to be a part of. Using local biomass for heating is similar to having oil wells in our region—energy dollars stay local and lots of people are employed—in the forestry, logging and trucking businesses right here in southwest NH.

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