Precision Dry Wood Chips (PDCs) – Delivered!

Our truck was filled with 15 tons of freshly made Froling Energy PDCs (60 yards) and was then driven from Peterborough to Charlestown, NH. Confidently, we hooked up our hose to the pipe for Fuel Bin #1. In a matter of minutes, the chips were transferred. Success!

This all started last year when we installed about a dozen biomass boilers capable of reaching one half million (500,000) BTUs or more. These boilers have been engineered to accommodate burning either wood pellets (5% to 10% moisture) or PDCs (20% to 30% moisture). PDCs, because of their higher moisture content, are less costly for facility managers to burn, but there were no producers.

In August, we moved into our new facility and committed ourselves to manufacturing the first PDCs in the United States. By the end of September we had created a chip processing line and converted an old barn of a building into a 50-ton dryer.

Finally, our first load of green chipped wood was dropped off in our yard and we were off and running.

The first step in the process is to make sure that all the chips are the right size. Any chip that fails the screening test gets re-chipped until it passes. Next, we fill the dryer with screened chips and bring them from between 40% and 50% moisture down to 30% or less. Once our quality control testing verifies moisture and size—only then do they become Froling Energy PDCs—PDCS that always meet the European G30 standard for size and moisture content.

There has been a lot of creativity and “inventioneering” around our yard over the past few months. We are committed to providing this highly efficient and renewable source of fuel to Northern New England and will continue to refine our processes and meet the demand of the market. We are especially grateful for the hard work from our crew members. They have pitched in and offered their muscle and brain power to our new PDC production facility.

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