dry wood chip delivery truck

Upgraded PDC Delivery Truck

dry wood chip delivery truck

Our new truck: Quieter, more comfortable, and able to climb mountains at 50 MPH!

After four years of faithful service delivering PDCs to customer silos in Wilton, Charlestown, and Claremont, Old Fitch, as we referred to her, has been replaced. Fitch started out life as a mulch blower truck in Washington state where we purchased her four years ago. The old diesel truck was underpowered, especially under load going over Temple Mountain. Perhaps you followed her as she dropped to below 20 MPH before cresting the hill!

Our new truck was a Freightliner cab intended to pull semi-trailers. When Fitch expired, our resourceful crew, led by Project Manager and stock car racer, Toby Wells, set about turning it into a fixed frame truck with Fitch’s old box body attached. The wood chip blower system was also reconfigured and improved. And the miracle was—this was all done in one week!

Best of all, none of our customers ran out of PDCs during that week. It was close, but we credit the drive and determination of our crews that dug in and did what would have been impossible to nearly any other group!

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