Residential Wood Pellet Boiler Systems

This 1800s Cape is being centrally heated by a modern pellet boiler.

Wood pellet boilers are another reliable way to centrally heat homes in New England. If your oil or LP boiler is old and unreliable, then now is the time to make the switch to a new generation pellet boiler. Building a new home? Now is the time to do the right thing!

Froling Energy has replaced dozens of old oil boilers with clean, green and fully automatic pellet boilers. The current generation of wood pellet boilers is so reliable that they are a real option for homeowners looking for an alternative to oil or propane.

Pellet Boilers Can be Installed in All Styles and Vintages of Homes

We have a number of residential pellet boilers to choose from.

For decades homeowners have used wood stoves and pellet stoves in their homes to avoid using oil or other fossil fuels that seem to constantly go through wide swings in price. But stoves are space heaters–not true central heat–automatic, thermostatically controlled heat provided evenly to every room of your house. That is what a pellet boiler can do for you.

Pellet boilers send hot water through the same baseboard registers or in-floor heat pipes that other boilers use. All of your existing zones can remain as they are, each with its own thermostat. The pellet boiler will fire up and turn off as heat is needed throughout your home or as domestic hot water is needed.

Advantages of Wood Pellet Boilers

  • Some homeowners have installed back-yard wood boilers that tie into their home’s existing heat distribution system–but not everyone wants the extra work of stacking and loading wood every night and day all winter long. We say, why not install an automatic pellet boiler that is more efficient in fuel use and responds without your having to do anything but adjust the thermostat?
  • Even when it comes to fuel delivery there is nothing for you to do. Pellets are delivered from a truck that blows them through a hose directly into your basement silo.
  • Wood pellets are economical. At a delivered price of $250/ton, the net cost of bulk pellets is the same as buying oil for $2.01 a gallon or LP for $1.34 a gallon. Unlike the cost of oil and LP, bulk wood pellet pricing is very stable.
  • Wood pellets and PDCs are eco-friendly fuels that make tremendous economic sense to homeowners and the local economy. Pellets are manufactured in factories in New Hampshire and Vermont using locally harvested wood from sustainably managed forests as well as wood waste from sawmills and furniture shops.

Pellet Boiler Rebates

In New Hampshire and Vermont, sizable rebates (in the range of $10,000) are available to assist you with the purchase price of a pellet boiler that replaces an existing fossil fuel boiler. Contact Jim for more information.

We work with the following residential/light commercial pellet boiler boiler manufacturers: