Steam Heat with Dry Chip Boiler at Vermont High School

Mill River Unified Union High School was being heated with two oil-fired steam boilers that were installed in the 1960s and most of the school’s lighting was from the same era.

A thorough energy audit by Energy Efficient Investments revealed that boiler and lighting replacement along with some other energy upgrades could be accomplished with a revenue neutral proposal.

A grant from Efficiency Vermont for $100,000 was a big help that aims to achieve Vermont’s goal to be 100% fossil free by 2030. Step by step, they will make it!

Their new Schmid steam boiler uses Froling Energy’s PDC dry wood chips as the fuel for a net output of 1.8 million BTU/hour. PDCs will cover about 95% of the building’s heating needs and a new oil boiler will provide just 5%.

With the low cost of PDCs and boiler efficiency gains PLUS the savings from the switch to LED lighting throughout the school, the savings are tremendous!


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