John Stark High School

John Stark High School’s two 38 year old oil-fired boilers were tired and ready to be replaced. The district wanted to switch to biomass but lately it had been difficult to get costly projects passed by voters in the towns that make up the district. This turned out to be the perfect situation for an Energy Performance Contractor.

Energy Efficient Investments teamed up with Froling Energy to assemble a “revenue neutral” proposal that combined the low cost of dry wood chips with significant electricity savings from switching to all LED lighting.  EEI’s proposal guaranteed that energy cost savings, predicted to be $290,000 each year, would pay for all annual costs incurred by a 15 year bond that covered the project.

The Schmid UTSK dry wood chip boiler has a maximum output of 1.7 million BTUs per hour that covers 95% of the school’s heat. Just 5% is provided by a new Viessmann gas boiler.  Both of the  boilers, the silo and all new boiler room piping was provided by Froling Energy.

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