Central Dry Chip Boiler System Heats Private School Campus

The centralized biomass boiler system that heats the High Mowing campus burns PDCs, Froling Energy’s “precision dry wood chips”. PDCs burn efficiently and cleanly and have a net cost that is 35% less than wood pellets.

Froling Energy executed the whole project from the demolition of 12 existing oil boilers in buildings throughout the campus to construction of a new central boiler house and the burying of insulated pipes that connected it to the other 9 buildings on campus. It’s a great example for the students at this popular Waldorf High School.

Read more about this project in the Green Energy Times article, “The High Mowing School in Wilton, NH is Now Heated with Biomass!”

This boiler system generates about 1000 NH T-RECs per year.

Download the Project Report.

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