SECTOR OVERVIEW: Commercial and Industrial

This Sector includes a wide variety of businesses, organizations and buildings and most have the common thread of needing a reliable and economical heating source. When a fuel is locally sourced, from the woods to delivery, it really does support the local economy. Statistics show that over 95% of the money spent on biomass fuel stays local and that is good for everyone. (Only 22% of money spent on oil stays local!)

Froling Energy has installed dry chip boiler systems and wood pellet boiler systems in churches, modern manufacturing facilities, apartment houses, downtown commercial buildings, classic old New England mills and new pet adoption facilities.

Each type of existing building presents a variety of challenges but it is very likely that we can arrive at an appropriate and economical biomass boiler solution. Boilers usually fit into existing boiler rooms (see pictures in slide show at bottom of page) and storage silos are put outside, but we often need to provide a boiler building or build a pellet storage area in a basement area. Each site is different.

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