Peterborough Town Library is Heated and Cooled with PDC Dry Wood Chips

Peterborough is celebrating the construction of its stunning new library which will be heated and cooled with PDC dried wood chips in a system installed by Froling Energy.

A new boiler room was built inside the rear of an adjacent house owned by the library. A propane boiler and conventional electric chiller provide redundancy.  Pipes run under the driveway through which both hot and chilled water will be pumped into the main building’s HVAC system.

A Froling T4-150 dried wood chip boiler with a maximum output of 512,000 BTU/hour is the Library’s source of Heat in the winter and Cooling in the summer.  Cooling is created with a heat-driven chiller at a 10% cost savings.

What is a heat-driven chiller?  The Yazaki 10 ton “water fired chiller” is an absorption chiller that uses hot water from the biomass boiler’s buffer tank to create cool water.

Froling Energy was the primary HVAC contractor on this project which was completed in September of 2021.




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