New Home Heated Exclusively with Wood Pellets

This 5-year old home was built with a simple pellet boiler that had a lot of manual aspects to it. The owners were disappointed because it took a lot more time and attention than expected. With the impetus of a leak in that boiler, the owners were happy to exchange it for a new MESys pellet boiler and silo system.  With its fully automatic operation, all they need to do now is check the ash box once a week and to keep an eye on their bulk pellet supply in the new interior silo.

The pellet boiler is the sole source of heat for this home. It also heats domestic hot water via an indirect tank.

The MESys AutoPellet boiler has a maximum output of 68,000 BTU/hour but it modulates down to below 30% of that as heat demand drops. If there is no need for heat, the boiler turns off and then re-ignites when more heat is needed.

This interior pellet silo is what we refer to as a “spring-bag silo”. This model holds 3.3 tons of wood pellets. Overall size is 6′ x 4′-7″ x 7′-6″ high. The photo below shows it before the first filling so the floor is pulled up into a V shape.  When full the floor panels drop and it becomes a space-efficient cube.

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