PDC Biomass Boiler System Part of Major School Renovation

A major renovation of Stevens High School was long overdue. The 90-year-old building had many needs and finally, a Performance Contract with Johnson Controls Inc. gave them everything they needed in a property tax-neutral contract.

Switching to biomass had also been a priority for years. Their three over-sized, 50-year-old oil boilers needed to be replaced. One was dead, another was temperamental and the third did nearly all the work. Removing them from the old boiler room made space for two wood pellet boilers, a new LP boiler, a 2000 gallon buffer tank and 34-ton capacity dry wood chip/wood pellet silo.

Now instead of burning 19,750 gallons of fuel oil each winter, they burn 211 tons of PDCs at a 50% average savings.

This boiler system generates approximately 400 NH T-RECs per year.

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