Froling Energy’s PDCs are now made in Keene, NH

When Froling Energy designed and opened it’s first fuel plant in Peterborough, NH we were the first to offer a new kind of biomass fuel: the screened semi-dry wood chip. We hoped the market would expand enough to make our investment pay off.  After 7 years of producing them in an ever-evolving process in Peterborough rising demand pushed us into investing in a larger facility but the site was land locked so we were unable to expand there.

A 10 acre site was acquired in Keene, NH in early 2020 and the new plant was begun.  It became operational by December.  Output as established will exceed 15,000 tons per year (more than double the current demand) and there is room to grow.

The new plant features a 5.33 million BTU/hour steam wood chip boiler that first powers a 100 KW steam turbine generator that provides all the plant’s electricity while it is operational.  This makes our PDC wood chips almost 100% renewable!  Another improvement:  All critical elements of the drying process are now indoors and both incoming and finished chips are fully under cover.  Our efficiency has skyrocketed!

The future is bright at our new PDC plant in Keene!

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