Two Biomass Boiler Rooms Installed at Whelen Engineering

Whelen Engineering now heats most of their 330,000 square foot campus in Charlestown, New Hampshire with Froling Energy’s PDCs—our screened semi-dry wood chips.

Whelen Engineering produces a wide range of popular high-intensity emergency lighting devices for police cars, emergency vehicles, airports and race tracks.

Two virtually identical boiler rooms were built in 2013 and 2014, each housing four Froling ½ million BTU/hr boilers with a pellet storage bin directly behind each one. These photogenic boiler rooms provide lots of space for boiler maintenance and adjustments.

Froling Energy crews connected hundreds of feet of heat pipes that ultimately tied all of their boiler rooms together and replaced numerous oil-fired boilers and a large oil storage tank “farm”. In 2016 a third, larger, boiler room was added in another corner of the campus.

We expect these two boiler systems to generate 2450 NH T-RECs per year.

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