Informational Webinars

For a more in-depth understanding of biomass and biomass boiler systems, you may find our series of webinars especially helpful.
We'll be adding more webinar recordings to this page as they are released.
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Retrofitting Biomass Boilers in Public Schools

June 22, 2020

Schools are great candidates for modern wood heat--they are large users of oil and need high temperature hot water or steam. 3 school biomass boiler retrofit projects are reviewed along with Energy Services Financing.

Biomass Sustainability in Northern New England

July 7, 2020

Trees have played a large role in New England's economy for centuries... but what role should they play in this era of climate change? Speakers Andy Fast and Adam Sherman have many years of experience in modern forestry practices and renewable heating.

3 Biomass Fuels and Boiler Systems

July 8, 2020

Learn about the 3 common biomass fuels available in Northern New England for heating commercial buildings. The many characteristics of each fuel plus the mechanical systems and boilers that utilize them will be shown and compared.

Review of 6 Dry Wood Chip Boiler Systems

July 18, 2020

This session begins by defining dry wood chips and the high-efficiency boiler systems that burn them. Dry wood chip boiler systems are a new alternative. Learn about PDCs and see details about their boiler systems...

Air Emissions Considerations for Biomass Boilers

July 29, 2020

Air Emissions Regulations impact all wood-burning installations, especially large chip boilers. John Hinckley of ALL4 Compliance & Consulting fills you in on how to plan for and get through the many steps necessary to have your big boiler system in full compliance.