Boiler Cleaning & Maintenance

Having a trouble-free system is not magic. Someone must empty the ash container(s) each week. You should also take a look at the control panel once a month or so, just to see if everything is normal. And don't forget to check on your fuel supply.

With minimal effort, we think it will be the best boiler system you have ever owned!

How Often Should a Boiler be Cleaned?

We do maintenance on over 120 boilers each year and it is clear to us that all wood pellet and wood chip boilers need to be brushed out and cleaned on a regular basis.

The built-in automatic de-ashing systems work well, but wood ash tends to slowly build up collect in every nook and cranny inside the boiler.

So, how often should your boiler be cleaned?

All biomass boilers should have, at a minimum, an Annual Boiler Tune Up to be sure everything is lubricated, wearing well and functioning as expected. We can provide a more customized recommendation based on our knowledge of your particular system and circumstances.

Annual Service Contracts

The best way to assure yourself of getting the maximum use of renewable energy at your facility is through an Annual Service Contract.

Most commercial size systems also require two or more mid-season cleanings. These can be pre-arranged as part of your custom Annual Service Contract.

We recommend an annual Service Contract, but Froling Energy can be hired to do cleanings on an as-needed basis. If boiler efficiency and uptime are important to you, call our Service Manager today!

Service for New Projects

After an installation is complete, our responsive customer service staff will work with you to make sure that your installation operates efficiently and reliably.

Biomass boilers are new additions to many facilities departments and there will be a learning curve for you and your staff. We will work with you to bring up everyone’s understanding of your system.

Boiler Problems and Repairs

If you are having boiler problems, a phone call is usually all that is required. Once you describe your problem, we can walk you through a number of steps that will get things running again.

Typically this means that our customer goes into the digital boiler control and makes some setting changes. If you have Constant Monitoring on your boilers (optional), we can usually make a very quick diagnosis.

When necessary, Froling Energy’s knowledgeable technicians can be dispatched to your site to troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of mechanical and electrical problems.

On our service trucks and in our warehouse, we keep an inventory of the most commonly required parts to enable immediate replacement.

On-Call Stand-by Service

When necessary, such as during weekend system cutovers or after hours changes to a distribution system, our installation staff can be made available for your phone call or a quick-response service call at your site. You may even wish to have one of our technicians at your site.

This service must be pre-arranged, at least a few days in advance of the event, and will be priced according to the time and effort needed.