Precision Dry Wood Chips (PDCs)

Froling Energy is proud to be the exclusive producer and supplier of PDCs in New England—manufactured here at our Keene, New Hampshire facility.

  • Quality Control

    When you buy PDCs, we assure you of getting a consistent product. You don’t need to be concerned about getting badly sized chips, high moisture content or poor grades of wood. Quality is assured. 

  • Large, In-Stock Inventory

    New PDCs are always being processed. An average of 300 tons of ready to deliver PDCs are stored in our 10,000 square foot covered storage area. We also try to keep an additional 500 tons of green chips in stock, waiting to be turned into PDCs.

  • Automatic Delivery & Fuel Inventory Management

    We monitor your on-site fuel supply during each delivery with the goal of keeping your PDC fuel bins consistently filled.

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Return on Investment

Yes, PDCs are more costly than green wood chips, but the total installed cost of a dry wood chip boiler system is much less expensive.

In our boilers: 267 tons of PDCs can replace 25,000 gallons of fuel oil.

  • 267 tons of PDCS at $132/ton delivered = $35,244
  • $35,244 ÷ 25,000 = $1.4097/gallon equivalent
  • In VT: Burning PDCs is equivalent to burning oil at $1.41/gallon

In NH, MA & ME Thermal RECs can be applied which further reduce costs

  • Burning 267 tons of PDCs usually generates 800 Thermal RECs (AECs in MA)
  • At an average net income of $16 per Thermal REC 800 x $16 = $12,800
  • So the net cost of fuel becomes $35,244 - $12,800 = $22,444
  • $22,444 ÷ 25,000 = $ .89776/gallon equivalent
  • Burning PDCs in NH, ME & MA is like buying oil at $ .90 per gallon!

Annual Fuel Contracts = Automatic Delivery and Assured Price