New England's Biomass Boiler System Specialists

Our approach to
biomass heating

Serving clients in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York for over 10 years.

We Design, Install, and Commission Biomass Heating Projects

Froling Energy is a full-service biomass boiler systems contractor specializing in the installation of wood chip and wood pellet boiler systems. We work with owners, engineers, and architects to plan, design, install, and commission biomass heating projects for school, institutional, commercial/industrial clients, and residential clients.

Our contracting services include project management, system and site design, equipment selection, and procurement, as well as ongoing service and maintenance. We self-perform many projects each year but often work with energy performance contractors, general contractors, and mechanical contractors as their biomass boiler system specialist.

After installing over 180 wood pellet and wood chip boilers throughout New England, we know what will work best in any situation and for any environment.

No other organization in the Northeast has more experience with the design, installation, and operation of biomass boiler systems.

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Delivering Unmatched Biomass Expertise

  • 4 years of industrial, commercial and institutional construction experience in the Northeast US
  • Hands-on knowledge of the best and most reliable biomass boiler technologies
  • The ability to handle turn-key, retrofit and renovation projects up to $10 million in scope with bonding
  • Single-point responsibility from design through commissioning and startup
  • A long track record of unparalleled success in the renewable energy field

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to utilize the best available technology to provide reliable heating solutions that support a more sustainable world.