About Froling Energy

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Incorporated in 2002 as Froling, LLC, Froling Energy was originally a construction and mechanical services contractor specializing in complex/innovative projects that other contractors were reluctant to tackle. But in 2009, when a new generation of well designed, highly efficient automatic wood pellet boilers were imported from Europe, we decided to specialize in installing these new boilers in all types and sizes of buildings in our region.

After over 150 biomass boiler retrofit installations, our crew's expertise in boiler room renovation with wood pellets or chips is unparalleled. Whether it be a 200-year-old academy building, a 1960s high school or a residence, we can update the boilers, pumps, piping, and controls, improving both energy efficiency and heating effectiveness.

  • Our Priority

    Our goal is to provide each customer with the best available biomass heating system solution for their situation: efficient, reliable, and right-sized for the building's heat load. Our clients want a sound investment—a cost-effective boiler system that will last for decades and meet all site-specific requirements.

  • Our History of Innovation

  • Our Extensive Experience = Best Results

    We have focused in this evolving field for over 10 years, learning unique skills and gaining specialized knowledge that very few other organizations have. We can assure you of obtaining the best results possible by employing top-shelf equipment, materials, and techniques. 

Energy Team Certifications

All of our technicians have been trained by our boiler equipment vendors and are rated as certified installers. We cross-train our team in fuel storage, material handling, boiler set up and maintenance, and controls.

We also have in-house expertise in most types of building energy control technologies, specifically in how our boiler control systems interface with them.

  • All field employees are OSHA 10 certified
  • NH Master Plumbers License
  • DCAMM-certified in Massachusetts for HVAC and General Contractor
  • MA hoisting/hydraulic licenses for all employees
  • Installer licenses for solid fuel burning appliances in NH, MA and ME
  • Viessmann Biomass Boiler Installation & Operation
  • Fröling Biomass Boiler Installation & Operation  (P4 & T4 boilers)
  • Maine Energy Systems (OkoFEN) pellet boiler Installation & Operation
  • Schmid Biomass Boiler Installation & Operation

Froling Energy's customers are offsetting over 1 million gallons of fuel oil each year with wood pellets and dry wood chips

Take a look at some of our commercial, municipal, and school installations, and then give us a call to discuss your project.